Game Grumps can suck a big fat one.

2013-04-01 11:28:24 by S-K

Hey all just telling all my fans (all 2 of you) that I'm not dead, but I am however doing any future flash stuff on this account yeah it's pretty much dead right now, but it's a placeholder for the future I guess.

In the meantime watch someone who actually knows what they're talking about when they play a videogame =P

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Oh I'm sorry you were hoping for a wall of text rage post? Well consider this an April Fools then, hows that?


2010-03-09 10:14:52 by S-K

Nah that title is a red herring, so what to say really? Yeah I've been a fool between this journal and my last...

Kids pro tip. firstly all MMOs are a waste of time no exceptions, even if it's with friends there's normally better games you could be playing with them, that play a HELL of a lot less like an unpaid job.

Moving onto arts if you want to get in the arts make plenty of friends and DO NOT STOP doing what the creative thing is you love! Unless of course it's some weird fettish art because that tends to be pretty hard to sell, but hey if you're smart enough I guess you could sell that too =P

Tackle weaknesses and don't underestimate how useful life drawing is. All art at least has some grounding in reality and learning life drawing is like learning the rules so you can then break them in more effective ways. Now putting my life back together brb...

In before SK fails at life lol faggot and similar comments, and now for something completely different:

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2007-07-19 07:34:09 by S-K

Loving the new layout newgrounds although I'm not used to it yet ^^;

As for news about me I finally have some webspace up and running at SK media online as well as a forum I'm still working on. I'm not keen on the design of it right now (not to mention the page doesn't seem to work for Internet Explorer users... not a good thing) but it was thrown together to double as one of my last college assignments so a redesign is on the cards no doubt of that.

So yeah in brief the website is up which I'm willing to take suggestions for changes, college is over, I'm a jobless bum and I need to get out of this rut I'm in and make some more movies...

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